Saturday, December 8, 2012

5 Tags= 5 Cards

Hi Everyone

You may recall in a few posts ago how I created 5 special Christmas tags as a '12 days of Christmas' Challenge as guest Designer for Scraplounge.

The other day I went through my Christmas card collection and realized that I'm gonna have to make some more for this years mail out, I also looked at my five tags and as nice as they would be as a pressie deco, they would also make lovely instant card fronts for the type of cards that you give to those more sentimental of your friends and family- hey I don't give home-crafted cards to any of the less- if I see them in your bin, next year you will get a 'dollar store special' if your lucky LOL! (..... i'm not kidding really)

So here goes what do you think, I like them so much its almost sad to see them go. Never mind, my father always said don't give others what you wouldn't want yourself, so its fine :-)

 Enjoy the lead up to Christmas and stay safe ♥

Have a great week everyone,



  1. Gorgeous Ruthie! You clever girl. I agree I save my more complicated handmade creations for people who will appreciate them!

  2. I thought the tags were just gorgeous when I first saw them Ruthy and they look just as stunning as cards. xxx