Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Measurement Amendment for Mini Album

Hi Everyone

For those trying to construct the Milk Carton Mini Album that I recently posted  I've discovered that I've given a incorrect measurement in inches though right in the metric. I generally work in inches and obviously got muddled in the process of moving back and forth from inches and metric., My sincere apologies. In reflection it won't muck the design but just make your mini album shorter, making less room for embellishments and you'd like to avoid that where possible.

So the size for the actual body of the mini album is 7 1/2" (19cm) x 5 3/4" (14.5cm)
 (I had put 5 1/4" instead- this is wrong) ***Note the meausurements in large bold lettering.

I say its always a good idea to try things out in reflex paper first in case human behind project has made stuff up LOL!

**Please note I have gone back to the original post and amended that info there too as well.

All good now. I'm currently designing another mini album idea building on the principle of this one so stay tuned for the share :-)

Have a great week everyone,


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