Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stampin Up Convention Canberra- Day 2

Hi Everyone,
Well early start to a very full day of Convention activities.
We walked from the motel to convention and narrowed it down to a quicker route (my heeled boots were thankful) and on arrival demonstrators who hadn't checked in the day prior were doing so on this thursday morning while some of us were attending rehearsals or joining in on the swapping process.

During that time I also caught up with some pals I've gotten to know over several get togethers like my matey here- Theresa Azzopardi

After this quick morning catchup and swapping process the rest of the attending JAI team and I went and had breakie at Milk n Honey where I finally met more of the team face to face.
(photo C/O of JAI team sister- Tina Gillespie)

L- R- Tina Gillespie, myself, Delys Cram, Christine Blain, Chantell Randell, her sister Nadine, (coming down from back - right side- Trish Radacs, Patrice Easton, Kim Badelt and Nikki Spencer. 

Tina Gillespie, myself and Delys Cram

Kim Badelt and my other roomie Nikki Spencer

two more JAI roomies- Trish Radacs and Patrice Easton

sisters- Colleen Randall and Nadine from NZ

It was a rather quick breakie get together for myself as I had to make it back to the convention centre to take over from Belinda at the Tools table. Tina gave me company on the walk back, which was a nice opportunity to get to know her better.

While seeing to my post for brief on our activity at Product Playground I got to meet the demo who would be taking turns with myself at the 'Tools' table in the resource centre-Belinda.Hennessey. She also had a display in the Product Playground with her gorgeous works of art which includes hours I'm sure of fussy cutting and 3D displays.

Belinda Hennessey and I ready to take part at demostrating and answering questions at the Tools table. We both did 2 hrs on the thursday, 30 mins on the friday and 45 mins on the Saturday- phew! 

Our table is looking a bit messy by now as we've been hard at it LOL!

This one was taken on day 1 session by Monique Fielder . You can also see the lovely NZ demo friend  Vicki Were beside me.

Shown here with Belinda are some of the other demos who were working on other tables alongside us during these sessions.
I also got to meet some other demos - name to face which was awesome!
This lovely lady- Kay Jacobs was someone who made me feel very welcomed on the boards of Stampin Connection in my beginning days of a demo and we have kept in touch ever since.

The gorgeous Tania Willis - turns out we're both fans of each other's work, I know I have admired her projects from day 1 as a demo!

Same applies with the lovely Deb Ferns, I have even CASED a card of her's with product from the last Autumn/Winter mini.

With the awesome Stampin Up staff girlies. These young ladies are so much fun and very supportive to us fellow demos! Its great as you attend each event you get to better acquainted and more comfortable with everyone. Cate Lynch on my right also lead the new Convention song - "I AM", - again this year with a lot of the other staff in support.

And as they do every other year, there is always a memento backdrop, to which you can catch a shot and meet Shelli and together with your fellow demo buddies. I loved the nostalgic backdrop theme they had this year and being black it didn't compete with other colour choices others were wearing- thats important to my photographic and scrapbooking side of the brain LOL!

Here is the JAI team for the ones who attended Convention this year, sadly we were missing a few too.
Fingers crossed for next year in Brissie :-)
L-R- Christine, Tina, Kim, Delys, Trish, Chantell, Patrice, myself and Nikki.
And the convention would not be the same without our photo with our memento and CEO Shelli Gardner herself.
 and we do similar all again- have photos with our demo friends,  on the Saturday night all decked up in our finery!

Following all the morning-till lunch activities we then settled into our first of general sessions- which was opened by the 'new' yearly convention theme song- I Am lead by Cate Lynch and supported by the office staff- they are multi- talented!
then opening address by Shelli, Aussie Manager Aaron and so on. What happens in which order fails my memory now because its pretty well and pleasantly I might say- full on here on- motivational talks, 'business advice' and my fav- product presentations with sneak peeks on new product. Each year you wonder if one can exceed the other, well this was my 2nd convention and without hesitance I'd have to say yes!!!

I'm sure a lot of you have seen such entries or reviews of this years Australian/NZ convention by now and I hope you have enjoyed my day 2 journey of the same as well.

Enjoy - Ruthy 

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