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Canberra Stampin Up Convention 2012- Day 1

             Hi Everyone,

We are now a month outside of this event so its way time I shared my highlights or memories of this years Stampin Up convention which was held in Canberra- Canberra National centre- May 31st- June 2nd!

To double the pleasure of attending Convention was the reality that I was going to meet my JAI girlies for the first time in real life and roomie with some as well. Since being invited on team these girls have been an immense support to myself and a great encouragement  also to my Stampin Up journey. I am impressed by their 'realness' and willingness to help and share, I hope they find the same equally in me.

Firstly my wonderful experience began straight after leaving home when I spent an overnight stay at my long time friend and downline team member- Janet Wallace's home. Her hospitality is second to none!
Both she and her hubby Al took me to the airport bright and early at 5am before heading off to work themselves. All went as smooth as, which was great as this was the first time in my life that I had travelled like this- solo.

Arriving at the airport it wasn't long before I soon found (or they found me too) demos making the same journey down south which included this gorgeous lady- Suzanne Bannard from Ipswich Queensland.
this photo was later taken at our Convention Gala Dinner
Suzanne and I.
there at the airport we spotted a few others too from memory- Tina White and Kim Gavarra, also Brissie located girls and a few others whose names escape me. (I'm 2 hrs off Brissie) 
We had a great flight and arrived 10ish in the morning.
At the airport both Nikki Spencer (a JAI team buddy) and I were kindly collected and met for me the first time for both by Kim Badelt. Kim was so lovely in taking us to the motel and showed us over Canberra the rest of the afternoon and at other times too. This connection made the whole experience so much sweeter. 
Kim Badelt and I - also taken on Saturday Night SU Gala dinner.
After settling in to our motel and meeting the lovely Delys and her sister Andrea Morgan (our other roomies) we went to the Convention centre to deliver my projects for display in the Product Playground. They were well received and endorsed with approval from Shelli too.
We then made our way for some lunch together Kim, Nikki, Delys, Andrea and I. Lots of laughter and side-splitting good times in next to no time at all. 
From here we ventured to the National War Memorial for an afternoon of sightseeing. It has always been high on my list of 'must sees' ever since a few of my children had done school excursions there many years earlier.

This photo above was taken standing within the war memorial . It fasinates me how everything is so 'in line' with each other and that the parliment should be aligned with the Miltary. I'm sure its all for a reason. Canberra is referred to as a 'planned city' and this is very obvious in its design.
Did you know that before the Australian Capital of Canberra was established, parliamentary meetings were conducted in Melbourne from 1901 to 1927.
Then from 1927 until 1988 they were held in what is now referred to as in the above photo- The Old Parliament Building. It is now a museum of Australian Democracy. It was always meant to be a temporary location for parliament  in preference to be given to the permanent spot for the new parliament building we have now. I personally think it looks more grand than the new. Another thing I wonder why are parliament buildings always white??? I must say its about the only thing of parliament I'm sure in any country that is that 'optimistically pure' looking.
The New Parliament House opened in 1988 Bicentennial year.
It sits on Capital Hill with a huge Australian flag resting on its peak.
Much of the building is rested beneath Capital Hill and when looking from above, it is said that the design is of two boomerangs enclosed in a circle design. It is 300metres long and 300 metres wide and the site covers 32 hectares of land. I didn't get to see inside the building as time didn't permit with our convention scheduled- that will have to wait for another visit to Canberra. The SU Demos that had obtained 'Manager' status were rewarded with a visit and dinner there on the Thursday night. Apparently though they weren't given a guided tour, which I think was a surprise! I'm sure it was fun all the same.
As I noted earlier in this post that the New Parliament House and the Old Parliament House are in line with each other along with the War Memorial on Mt Ainslie in the area known as the Parliamentary Triangle.

 Interesting fact-there are similarities with the design of Canberra and that of Washington DC (USA). Both consist of triangles that link up the House of Government with other monuments and important places

After a satisfying day of touring, we returned back to the Convention centre to check in (Wednesday 30th- yes earlier opportunity this year at 5.30pm) and collect our bags etc- how awesome they are too- very impressed. So many departments, the only problem then was remembering where one put everything LOL!

Delys, Nikki and I had our photo taken by the professional photographer after collecting the bags but somehow never made the 'cut' in the highlights LOL- must have been a bad shot heheehe!

Feeling pleased with ourselves but ready to settle in we walked endless blocks  in a circle (it all looks so small and close on the map hey ) home to our motel, got comfy and had good convo and giggles with my roomies- Nikki Spencer, Delys Cram and Andrea Morgan- these girls are a blast, I would do it over again in a flick!!!

That concludes arrival/check in day.- episode 1 
Enjoy - Ruthy 

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  1. Thanks Ruthy for your wonderful comments. I, too have been blessed to find such a gorgeous friend in you. Love Suzanne xx