Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stampin Up Convention- Canberra 2012- Day 3

Hi Everyone,

Well we're up to day 3 of the convention review LOL!

Each morning kicks off pretty early up by 6am or so, out the door of our motel by 7ish off to breakie (depending on how well you get organized in the mornings depends whether you sit for a full breakie or grab a coffee etc and keep walking LOL!) But we were pretty up and at it girlies so we got to do nice cafe breakies with our roomies and fellow demo buddies- these moments are to be cherished in thought when we're all back home doing our daily routine!

Then it is set off on foot and on this particular morning a little rainy, I found the weather quite doable though much like my hometown Toowoomba which in the thick of winter can get to various minuses, most probably Canberra gets a bit cooler on occasion, but definitely not 'balaclava weather' as I had thought it might be outside. 
I should note here too that Canberra is a lot quieter without the 'hussle and bussle' that our other cities have, lots of parks, open spaces, with beautiful Amber trees lining the rivers, much more tranquil than one would imagine a 'capital city' to be.
Closes to us in the foreground of this pic as we set off to Convention for another day- Delys Cram and Liz Hicks with her gorgeous skirt and a few new Stampin Up umbrellas getting used.
Some of the first Demo Presenters for the day doing some 'wows' (wow's are presentations demonstrated by fellow demos, on stage at conventions and regionals) on different ways of using our current products and tools, always great and very popular!
Beth Stewart was one of the first up and done a lovely presentation with various projects using the Bigz die- Elegant Bird.

I have done a bit with the bird die buy I adore the projects and different points of view that Beth brought to us - totally WOW!!!
Now which presentations happen which day is a bit of a mesh to me now but another one that was quick (10min) and a fantastic idea was from Sarah Klass - (a WA demo) on different ways to use our Bigz dies to get alternate effects to extend their use. If you click on her name it will take you to her project presentation. I am working on the concept at home in practise LOL!

Further along another presentation from Kim Gavarra (a Brissie Demo) showing new ways with punch art. The Blossom punch got a nice look in as well. Again click on her name and you'll get a looksie at some of what she did- here is a few other pics as well.

One other presentation was done by a NZ demo- Liz Hicks, this is a girl after my own heart in Scrapbooker land. Her ways of layering stamps and papers, gives one no excuse anymore to not be able to take a project from either -clean/simple/straight lines or turn it into an alternative layered dimensional work of art.
She particularly brought focus to using sheets of vellum that had cut out die shapes (the negative) and used these then as masks- sponging and dubbering effects with ink.

 Stamps were also dipped in a bleach 'paper towel' sponge and given another 'layer' effect. These are ideas that scrapbookers have played with in the papercrafting world,so it was great to see it marrying with the stamping world. Her finished works reminded me nicely of the Basic Grey papers I've been a forever fan of for the last decade. But hey you can make your own.
(credit of this photo must got my fellow Qld demo- Julia Quinn) of Liz presented works)

Of course before these general sessions and wow presentations we get to listen to and ask advice from experts demos and staff at various all very informative and helpful, one has to be there to get the real vibe and buzz and its not to be underestimated in the slightest even for the most cynical minded LOL!
Another awesome day and as you can imagine your mind is abuzz with ideas and concepts.

On the eve of this friday night many of the attendees did a Creative Class (a first for convention goers) as an extra special deal. I didn't elect to do this at the time of booking for convention due to tight finances, but I regretted it muchly seeing all the value that my roomies got from the class package, the papers alone are awesome,  not forgetting another opportunity to create with friends, I shall never miss out again!
Here is a little of what it looked like peering in LOL!-
(note-*some photos  below C/O other demos shares)

Throughout the general sessions are 'Prize Patrol' - yep free stamp sets and product (not yet released in our countries) given away to lots, sure puts a buzz in the air!

Well that was another days share, by now in the process you are just enjoying it so much, getting tired, sleeping easy at night and wishing it would never end, and thankful you still have another day and night to enjoy it for one more time until next year!

                                                                                       Enjoy - Ruthy 

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your convention pictures and the wonderful historical tour. Our convention starts July 18th in Salt Lake City.