Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sympathy Cards

Hi Everyone,

Sympathy cards.............
No one wants an occasion to need one
No one wants to need to buy or  make one either 
however its one of the simplest forms of offering condolences to one another.
Nothing can replace a loved one or take away the pain of your loss and time softens the impact, like a lot of situations in life one learns to live with the experience.

Sadly I had reason to attend a funeral of a littlie, a little boy just over 2 years old.
 He was the great grandson of one of my closest friends, a family I've know for over 20 years.
And like a lot of us I guess I didn't have the right sort of cards made on standby.
As I made these cards for the respective family members it gave me time to think and pray for the families as well.

I made these cards using some card parts of the Simply Fabulous Simply Sent card kit

In the kit you get 4 of the green envelopes and 4 of the grey envelopes as well as 8 of the lazer cut card fronts with cut ribbon lengths and bling - see 1st photo 

The stamps I used were

Crosses of Hope stamp set -

 Love and Sympathy Stamp set

I did a fair bit of  heat embossing using Silver  and white embossing powder, to make them that more special looking.

Hope this post helps you when you next turn to making cards of this nature.

Ruthy J

RIP - Brodie Fuller Nairn- 19th September 2013


  1. Oh Ruthy. How sad. But what beautiful inspirational cards using this kit. You have motivated me to buy a set. Vx

  2. Been browsing for some nice sympathy card messages or just any words to uplift and comfort people who are downhearted. I felt happy to have found this inspirational page of yours. These words are very nice. Thanks and keep sharing :)