Saturday, November 24, 2012

Its a Team Effort

Hi Everyone

Continuing on with our recent Heartfelt Event share I've got a few photos of my gorgeous team. These girls are awesome, not only are they great mates but are wonderful together too, they make me proud to call them friends. They are encouraging to one another and also to myself,  who like them,  is on a continual developing, creative journey. I was so happy that most could make it along on Saturday  and we did miss our other girls Maureen and Rhonda, fortunately I get to catch up with them quiet often and bring them up to speed on things.

So here we are-
Pictured:- Debbie, Janet and I
Debbie, Janet and I 
Debbie and her sister Katherine as a Guest
Janet and I - friends for more than 20 years, who have shared many a creative moment together.
Front:- Debbie, Kate, sister Amie (guest) 
Back row- Janet and I.

Janet took a photo of my presentation display and I 
(you can see several templates on the board, others were added at the final of my last session)

My display

Here goes................... 

This last Heartfelt Event of the 2012 was the last leg of the journey as these projects, first launched at Canberra SU convention, traveled around  to each of the state and NZ events and finally to my home town where I was able to collect and take them home. (I must add that the 'Baby Onsie' with the summer smooches butterfly is not one of my projects but of some other clever demo.)

Here's some other shots of them as well- 

There were several items not on display as at convention due to the some materials retiring since the launch.

In the lead up to this event each demo and guest was asked to make themselves a personal name tag.
After weeks of balancing family, day job and late nights creating our name tags didn't get done until the night before......yikes.
Here is what Janet and I came up with. Mine had a sewing theme and Janet's featured butterflies and matched her outfit beautifully.

Here is Janet's
Hope your having a great weekend, perhaps with the opportunity to get creative!



  1. So glad you had your girls with you at the event. Your travelling projects look fantastic and the Name Badges were inspiring esp for the night before. Talk about leaving things to the last minute!

  2. WOW! ruthy, all your work is just so clever and imaginative! It shows how much you love this Work/hobby. So glad you had a great time, and some of your team could go with you! keep up the creative flow my friend! Doing great guns! xx Amanda K