Friday, March 1, 2013

Hexagon Quilt

Hi Everyone

I've had a bit of creative fun and relaxation doing some sewing. Its the first real time I've given the method 'English Piecing' on a big scale, what initially seems a challenging task is actually quite simple, a nice way to will away our far too many rainy days of late and a welcome distraction from working hours.  As is my habit once I started I couldn't let it be until the project was complete. The quilt now hangs proudly above our bed on our bedroom wall and compliments our bed quilt very well.

I actually purchased this pattern almost 2 years ago and also 2 pkts of precut hexagon paper shapes, rather than cut my own. The hexagon size is 1 7/8" size - and I pieced 128 of them in all, the Dresden plate design in the centre of the quilt was put together the same way.
It seems to be quite difficult to find nice mauve/yellow tones of purples, so I've been collection a few pieces until I had the right mix. I also had to acquire a few doilies to complete the project.
The pattern was designed by a local quilter in Warwick, our former town of 21yrs. Warwick has lots of great patchwork stores to boast of. Without further ado here is our some photos to complete the story.  

Hope this post has inspired your creativity to try some sewing soon. And I hope we see some sunshine days again real soon, in the meantime I'll enjoy the sewing as a distraction.



  1. Ruthy, that is devine! You are amazingly talented, l just love all of your creations. xxx

  2. Hi Ruthy, I've awarded you a Liebster Award which I've received. Please call over to my blog. Thanks, Carolyn